Video Production, Digital Content Strategy, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing

We collaborate with the Municipality of Monza by taking care of the digital communication strategy of some projects dedicated to young people.

We conceive, create and communicate numerous contents, both videos and graphics, through the social channels of the projects, which promote the various initiatives of the Municipality.

We guarantee greater visibility of the contents thanks to the collaboration with some local influencers.

Monza Giovani


Municipality of Monza


2022 – in corso

The MONZA GIOVANI project aims to communicate the initiatives dedicated to the young citizens of Monza, involving them in public life and describing a city that looks towards the future.

We structured an editorial plan that tells the city’s events, initiatives and news by addressing young people, with the aim of informing them but also entertaining them.

We involved two local influencers, Cesca (Francesca Tamburini) and Pika Palindromo (Alessio Bourcet), who promoted the initiatives through original content on their social channels.

Furthermore, we organized PCTO courses (Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation) for some students of Monza. These are curricular projects that allow students to integrate traditional school with an educational experience at GRINDER.

Responsabilmente Giovani


Municipality of Monza



The RESPONSABILMENTE GIOVANI project aimed to raise awareness among young people on the issue of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, preventing and combating related accidents.

As part of the #sebevononguido campaign, we created a video combining the testimonies of the project partners with the footage of a real social experiment: a candid camera that aims to capture the reactions of the customers of a club when they see a visibly drunk boy (who is actually an actor) trying to drive.

In addition to the video, we planned an editorial strategy to communicate the other initiatives of the campaign, creating a series of related contents, graphics and videos.

Also for this project, the collaboration with the influencers Cesca and Pika Palindromo was essential: they created vertical content related to the campaign and promoted the social video.