Video production


Tenute Rubino



For Tenute Rubino, an Apulian winery specializing in the production of Susumaniello and other local wines, we organized a video production with the aim of telling the story of the estates starting from the family that has been cultivating and preserving them for almost forty years.

The goal of the production is the creation of a series of strategic contents for the company: a CORPORATE VIDEO that promotes its values and products; a COMPANY VIDEO that tells the experience, goals and aspirations of the Rubino family through the words of Romina, Luigi and their collaborators; an EMOTIONAL VIDEO that conveys the beauty and charm of the area; a WEB SERIES in four episodes that explores the estates (Tenuta Jaddico, Tenuta Uggìo, Tenuta Padula di Geremia, Tenuta Palombara, Tenuta Punta Aquila) with their characteristics and uniqueness; finally a SHORT FILM which, through the point of view of a fictional protagonist, stages a multi-sensory journey to discover the flavours, smells and sensations that the estates can offer.

From the footage, we also derived a series of SHORT thematic VIDEOS, placed within the Editorial Plan of Tenute Rubino for the promotion of the company on its SOCIAL channels.


– The project described is work in progress –