Video Production, Digital Content Strategy, Awareness Campaign


Local Health Center of Biella


2020 –

Since 2020 we have been collaborating with the Local Health Center of Biella, taking care of the hospital’s communication strategy, in order to document the work of the various wards.

First of all, we created some informative WEB SERIES on particular topics, such as newborn care, treatment of plagiocephaly and assistance to patients with oncological problems.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the strategy has adapted to the need to tell the story of the health emergency, giving life to real awareness campaigns.

The first campaign promoted the use of the mask through the concept SE LO FA UN BAMBINO, LO POSSIAMO FARE TUTTI (IF A CHILD DOES IT, WE ALL CAN DO IT), while the second promoted the use of the vaccine through the concept LA SCELTA È TUA (THE CHOICE IS YOURS), which uses the sport metaphor to emphasize free will while pointing out, as well, the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

In parallel with these campaigns, we produced various COVID and CHARITY themed video contents: GRAZIE! (THANK YOU!) is a sincere tribute to the healthcare personnel, who fought the virus on the front line; THE HEART’S PUZZLE is an exciting collage of actions and people who kept the hospital alive in the moment of crisis; THE KID’S DRAWING shows the pandemic through the eyes of a child, promoting fundraising for the new intensive care unit in Biella.

We recently created the video LOCAL HEALTH CENTER OF BIELLA: IDENTITY, INNOVATION, LISTENING for participation in the Smartphone D’Oro competition, organized by the PA Social Association and dedicated to the best digital communication and information experiences of public bodies and companies.

The video illustrates three innovative communication projects of the Local Health Center of Biella (historical archive, people engagement platform and interactive totems) and was selected among the finalists and awarded in the category dedicated to public health.