Video Production, Digital Content Strategy, Awareness Campaign


Local Health Center of Biella



“If a child does it, we can all do it” is the concept of the awareness campaign for the correct use of the mask during the Covid-19, conceived and created for the digital channels of the Biella hospital.

The concept, as essential as it is effective, is expressed in a short video starring a child and in some tutorial graphics in man’s, woman’s and child’s versions.

The starting point is the innocent provocation towards another campaign and its protagonist: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The point of arrival is the awareness that observing the right behavior is the only way to defend yourself from the virus.

The video is accompanied, online and offline, by some graphics. A man, a woman and a child show step by step how to wear a mask correctly. The child takes the mask, puts it on, adjusts it and smiles. A hidden but clearly visible smile.