Video Production, Digital Content Strategy, Awareness Campaign


Local Health Center of Biella



In support of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, we designed and implemented the “La scelta è tua” (“The choice is yours”) campaign for the Biella hospital.
The project, promoted by the Local Health Center of Biella and Piemonte TI VACCINA in collaboration with various sports clubs, was articulated in the creation of three videos, which we wrote, directed and produced. We supported the videos with dynamic advertisements and billboards and developed an editorial plan on the main social media.

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of all those who are still undecided about vaccination through the theme of sport, using a clear and engaging visual language.

The three videos develop three different but complementary approaches: emotional, ironic, rational. The claim, that runs through the whole campaign, underlines the total respect for the freedom of each individual, with a wish for the future.
The creative idea is to use the sports metaphor to emphasize free will while underlining, as well, the importance of cooperation and teamwork.