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As part of the TRUE ITALIAN TASTE project, we created CI VEDIAMO IN CAMERA, a web series in 6 episodes that focuses on the burning issue of Italian Sounding, which is the improper use of evocative Italian brands to promote and market products that are not actually Made in Italy.

It is a food talk in which two hosts, in a real studio, interact with a series of connected guests (restaurant owners, chefs,  farmers and other workers in the food chain), debating the topic.

The presence, among the guests, of all the representatives of the Chambers of Commerce has allowed the Chambers to converge in a single place, although virtual, creating a virtuous network and reinforcing the identity of Assocamerestero.

The series involved chefs and illustrious exponents of the food and wine world, including Francesco Panella, owner of one of the most famous taverns in Italy and host of the culinary show Little Big Italy.

The release of the series was supported by a digital communication strategy rich in auxiliary content, curated by us and amplified thanks to influencer marketing, with the collaboration of leading personalities in the sector such as the food blogger Cristiana Banchetti and the food and wine critic Luca Iaccarino.

All episodes of the web series can be viewed on the TRUE ITALIAN TASTE website.

The success of the content gave rise to another web series, this time with a food and wine theme: THE WINE SIDE OF ITALY.