Video Production


Municipality of Monza



#SEBEVONONGUIDO (If I drink, I don’t drive) is an awareness campaign by the Municipality of Monza, as part of Responsabilmente Giovani, a project which aims to combat road accidents linked to the use of alcohol and drugs.

The heart of the campaign is a video, conceived and created by us, which stages a social experiment, comparing two stories.

The first is the story of Nicolò, an actor set in a real context, who pretends to be drunk and heads towards his car, triggering the reaction of many people. The second is the story of Marco, narrator of the video, who speaks about himself.

The two stories dialogue with each other, in a game of correspondences and contrasts, of choices and fatalities.

It’s my choice, it depends on me is the claim of the video, and the contrast it highlights is precisely between actions based on free will and actions dictated by chance, between causality and randomness, between luck and bad luck.

A social experiment is a mix of reality and fiction in which conscious and unconscious people find themselves interacting in a constructed but plausible reality. The video is framed by the faces of the young people who participated, unaware of everything, in the social experiment and who then decided to literally put their faces on it.

The filming is accompanied by the testimony of those who, from the Police, to the Red Cross, to the SERD, deal daily with the problem of driving while intoxicated.