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We like to think that it’s impossible to make children say anything other than what they think. This is why we made a documentary film based on the point of view of a group of children who, in full lockdown, forced to stay at home, tried to reflect on themes that, although distant, belong to them too.

We started when everything was still, motionless, silent and nothing could be done. We didn’t disobey, we just refused to accept that we couldn’t go on. Just like kids do.

With them, something came to life, while everything was suspended between a thousand thoughts and an imponderable fear: that of no longer recognizing reality, if it ever came back.

SAREMO ANCORA BAMBINI (WE WILL STILL BE CHILDREN) is a shared moment of thoughts, beautiful and ugly, true and impossible, brilliant and sad, never banal and with something unique in every word.

SAREMO ANCORA BAMBINI is a small manifesto of the vision of children, in an indefinable period, which oscillates between illusion and disenchantment and which we hope will always remain the same. Lively, aware, smiling, unstoppable.