Video Production, Digital Content Strategy





To strengthen the brand image of Tabisca, we managed the restyling of the logo, of the main site and of the site for overnight stays

We improved the customer experience of the brand’s website and social channels by planning a digital strategy based on original content.

We have created a narrative in line with Tabisca’s promise, based on excellence and a unique approach to the customer, creating and publishing two original formats dedicated to wine on the brand’s social media.

In the WINE TIPS series, an expert sommelier rattles off some short pills, one per video, on food&wine world: details, curiosities, tricks, advice.

In the WINE STORIES series, an expert sommelier narrates some wines, one per video, and their important story.

Tabisca is also the protagonist of the episode dedicated to Puglia of the original web series THE WINE SIDE OF ITALY.